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Aide et communication

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My attempt at support


I am trying to make a contribution on this site for those who are looking for help. Only with this project I have found many organizations and projects that might have helped me.

Would it have changed something? I can not tell.


I know, however, that all my friends, due to the experience and the suicide in the past years have emergency numbers at home. Do you have that too? I did not have any of these contact points, and I always turned to my psychologist or the police. Both could not help.


It will take a long time until I have all the information together but I am working on it. And I work to bring people together with similar experiences and to offer a forum where we can find ourselves. Conversations and ways of life of other people are actually helpful.

I would not have thought that before.


Je vous transmettrai sur le site anglais ou sur le site allemand

pour plus d'informations


Geleitsstr. 66A

63067 Offenbach


Tel: +4917670428613


Qui ou quoi suis-je?

En tout cas, assez fou pour consacrer ma vie à une tâche qui est devenue beaucoup plus importante pour moi que ma maison, mon scooter et mon jardin. C'est ma tâche de la vie, parce qu'un suicide nous tue tous d'une manière ou d'une autre.