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Every cent will work


Whether you donate one cent, one euro, 100 or 1000 Euros, every cent will be a meaningful investment. I will keep all costs very transparent and will always be able to prove it.


My goal is not only to provide 50% of all donations and sponsorship measures for suicide prevention but 100%. This will be possible from the time when my passive and active income, for example, ads and affiliates shown in Youtube films, lead to an income that can cover my the monthly basic costs arising from my health insurance and some others. I guess this will work in at least two years. But as long as I can not produce videos, as long as there is no income.


Also my passive income over my cookbooks, which I sell for years or products, which I recommend, grows only slowly. If you want to have information, because you are on your own trip and looking for passive income possibilities, just speak to me, then I can give you tips. I have an idea ...


Sur ce site j'ai ouvert au 3.1.2017 une campagne de collecte de fonds. Vous pouvez y faire des dons ou utiliser mon compte bancaire ou paypal.


Bank account


If you want to show me a sum of money, you can send it to the following banc account:



Mario Dieringer - Footpath of Life



• account number 0 831 619 540

• bank code 500 105 17


International bank codes:

• IBAN: DE63500105170831619540




If you want to donate some money via PayPal you can send it to my account with the e-mail adress




Geleitsstr. 66A

63067 Offenbach


Tel: +4917670428613


Qui ou quoi suis-je?

En tout cas, assez fou pour consacrer ma vie à une tâche qui est devenue beaucoup plus importante pour moi que ma maison, mon scooter et mon jardin. C'est ma tâche de la vie, parce qu'un suicide nous tue tous d'une manière ou d'une autre.